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22.2V 22000mah 25C UAV lithium battery pack
22.2V 22000mah 25C UAV lithium battery pack
22.2V 22000mah 25C UAV lithium battery pack
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  • Shenzhen factory UAV battery 22000mah 25C 22.2V high-rate lithium polymer battery


    Hailei new energy plant UAV lithium battery life ability to meet the 3C (25 ℃) rate discharge process, life 20 minutes, circulation up to 300 times, but also to meet the damp, different conditions of high temperature, high pressure, etc. Stability under. Hailei lithium batteries UAV requirements for safety, consistency and BMS system equipped are high, and to enhance the energy density and rate, reducing power consumption has become a New Energy Co. Hailei UAV model aircraft battery project department Key research topics and direction.

    Product Name:UAV battery

    Capacity: 22000mAh

    Discharge rate: 25C

    Voltage: 22.2V

    Recommend charging current: 44A (2C)

    Maximum charge current: 110A (5C)

    Charging cut-off voltage: 25.2V

    Continuous Discharge: 25C

    Instantaneous maximum discharge: 50C

    Continuous discharge: 550A

    Finished size: 200 * 91 * 66mm (L * W * H)

    Product Weight: 2544g instantaneous maximum discharge: 50C

    Discharge plug and outlet: without plug, 10 # 120mm silicone cord

    Charging plug and outlet: JST-XHR-7P reverse 22 # 65mm


    Scope: Dajiang S1000 zero-controlled E-EPIC, E1100-V2 other large load six-axis, eight-axis aircraft

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