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Battery classification of different ways
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Battery classification of different ways, their classification can be divided into three categories
Categories: divided by the electrolyte species include: alkaline batteries, battery electrolyte based fire solution of potassium hydroxide: such as: alkaline manganese batteries (commonly known as alkaline manganese batteries or alkaline batteries), cadmium nickel batteries nickel-metal hydride battery. Acid batteries with sulfuric acid aqueous solution as a medium, such as zinc-manganese batteries (some consumers, also known as acid batteries), sea water, batteries, etc.; organic electrolyte battery, battery organic solvents as the medium, such as lithium batteries, lithium ion batteries.
The second category: the nature of work and storage division, including: a battery, also known as primary cells, that is not rechargeable battery, such as zinc-manganese batteries, lithium batteries, etc.; secondary battery can be rechargeable batteries such as nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium batteries, nickel cadmium batteries; refers to the lead-acid batteries in the battery habits, but also the secondary battery; fuel cell active material in battery life when continuously from the outside by adding batteries, such as hydrogen fuel cell; reserve batteries, battery storage direct contact with the electrolyte, until the battery before adding the electrolyte, such as magnesium silver battery, also known as sea water battery.
Third category: Press the battery used is the division of the anode material include: zinc series battery, such as manganese dioxide batteries, silver zinc batteries; nickel series battery, such as nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel hydrogen batteries, etc.: Lead series of batteries, such as lead-acid batteries ; lithium-ion battery, lithium manganese batteries; manganese dioxide battery series, such as manganese dioxide batteries, alkaline manganese batteries; air (oxygen) series of batteries, such as zinc-air battery 
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