Shenzhen Hailei New Energy Co.,LTD is the most completed variety of battery pack manufacturers in China

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Job Title: Sales
Job Category: Full-time
Job type: power sales engineer
Education: College
Requirements: a pioneering market capacity, can take the initiative to complete the performance of the company policy, the security industry experience is preferred; sense of responsibility and professionalism, strong interpersonal skills and team spirit; excellent fresh graduate.
Job Description Sales & Marketing
E-commerce personnel:
Job Title: e-commerce personnel
Job Category: Full-time
Job Type: Power
Education: College
Requirements: College degree or diploma, male or female, cheerful, generous, thoughtful, opinionated; have a strong sense of community, sense of responsibility and professionalism, service arrangements, outstanding college graduates can also provide accommodation, ground Engineering Award, the length of service award, over the trial period of social security.
Job Description: responsible for e-commerce and to assist the clerk in the completion of performance.