Shenzhen Hailei New Energy Co.,LTD is the most completed variety of battery pack manufacturers in China

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Is necessary to give priority to human values, focusing on human development, Understand use, showing concern for others, love, train people, inspire people as top priority, and establish all the wealth of talent is the most valuable companies the most decisive resources, competition in the market the commanding point in the future the idea of providing a good environment for human development, the expertise and resources, talents and must be used. Efforts to create a full participation, cooperation, dedication atmosphere to develop disciplined, responsible, ethical workforce. The formation of healthy human nature, human, humane; strive to create an in-house care, caring, harmonious, warm "I am for all others and that others me, and I for the enterprise, business for me," enterprise culture, so that Mizuhiro enterprises to truly become a "good faith, harmony" of the modern enterprise. 
Houde Honesty: 
Is the business and the employees should people's moral character, business ethics foster the construction of the first place, to establish "heavy moral, law-abiding, honest and trustworthy" as a man in running enterprises of the basic criteria. Respected high moral character, with noble character, good professional ethics, broad mind and good moral character and personality of the relationship between fame, fortune and treatment; use of "Germany first, with sincerity as the first" principle interests of enterprises and the relationship between corporate ethics; advocate telling the truth, to do work and behave honest people; to create respect for human nature, loyal to the business atmosphere; the pursuit of honest and trustworthy, as good as gold realm of professional ethics.
Scientific and realistic: 
Is committed to making a scientific attitude, the principle of seeking truth from facts of all employees to form a spirit, a habit, a common identity of the atmosphere, and implement it in all aspects of work. Scientific, rigorous, realistic attitude and spirit and guide technology, management and business development of the overall situation, continuing to explore the road to development; insist on promoting technology, democracy, governance based on democratic decision-making according to prescribed procedures; to uphold the scientific, truth-seeking, pragmatic attitude towards work, and never resort to deception.
Is to study hard, continuously enterprising, daring to explore and open up, adept at innovation. They fully understand and firmly establish the business development and innovation is an inexhaustible motive force of the thought; rich content, and create a learning atmosphere, to create learning-oriented enterprises, to create learning-oriented, innovative, pioneering team; with the times, in a scientific and realistic basis for the pioneers, first in the world.