Shenzhen Hailei New Energy Co.,LTD is the most completed variety of battery pack manufacturers in China

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Power Battery Pack Supplier
most complete variety of battery manufacturers
Cylindrical Lithium

Welcome to Hailei New EnergyHailei is the most complete variety of battery manufacturers in China

Why Chose Us
  • Hailei have a doctorate or master's degrees mainly of professional R & D, design team, with more than one hundred patents to undertake a number of research projects. 
  • the battery has a high energy density, long cycle life, safety, environmental protection and other advantages of small and self-discharge. 
  • strictly follow the CE, TUV, IEC and other international product certification standards, treat each and every project, attention to every detail, adhere to the scientific and efficient construction and rigorous quality management. 
  • lithium-ion battery electrical and electronic products provide a strong impetus and more reliable security.

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